Project Coordination Analyst ,Ending Violence against Women (EVAW), Dhaka, UN Women Bangladesh

UN Women, grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the empowerment of women; and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security.

The Ending Violence against Women (EVAW) programme focuses on prevention and response to violence against women; strengthening the legal framework, ensuring coordination among key stakeholders working on EVAW and learning what works to prevent violence against women.

As part of the EVAW programme portfolio, the Combatting Gender Based Violence in Bangladesh (CGBV) project has been implemented since 2018 to adopt and test globally evaluated prevention interventions and generate knowledge on what works to prevent violence against women. The Project recognizes that prevention of violence requires sustained and comprehensive action at individual, family, organizational and societal levels. The project focuses on primary prevention, stopping violence before it occurs.

CGVB has been engaging and capacitating local stakeholders and high-level leadership of key institutions such as local government, civil society organizations, women’s organizations, education institutions and workplaces.

More specifically, the project aims at the following outcomes: i) strengthening national legal and policy framework to prevent violence against women; ii) promote favorable social norms, attitudes and behaviors to prevent violence against women; iii) policy and programming is increasingly informed by an expanded knowledge base on effective approaches to prevention of violence against women.

Reporting to the Programme Specialist, the Project Coordination Analyst is responsible to support the management of the EVAW programme and more specifically for coordinating the CGBV Project, which includes coordinating relationships with national partners and stakeholders, managing workplans and budgets, as well as monitoring and reporting.

Duties And Responsibilities

Coordinate the Combatting Gender-Based Violence (CGBV) Project

  • Coordinate the overall CGBV work plan development and implementation according to Strategic Note/ programme document;
  • Gather inputs and coordinate the preparation of work-plans, periodic narrative progress reports and expenditures status reports to the UN Women;
  • Establish systems for project planning, implementation and monitoring, in collaboration with partners;
  • Record and maintain documents on relevant Programme activities, issues, and risks.

Guide coordination with national partners and other stakeholders

  • Coordinate relationships with national partners, especially responsible parties, to support implementation and expansion of the CGBV project, raise potential problems and suggest solutions;
  • Identify capacity building needs and support partners through technical assistance, mentoring, training and capacity development initiatives, as needed.

Coordinate the monitoring and reporting on the CGBV Project

  • Gather and compile all information necessary for monitoring and reporting the project from the planning to the evaluation stages;
  • Monitor the implementation of activities and the expenditure of funds; conduct regular monitoring visits, as required;
  • Draft and provide inputs to annual and quarterly reports; coordinate the submission of implementing partner financial and narrative reports;
  • Provide inputs from EVAW programme activities and results to Country Office reporting.

Manage finances of the CGBV Project

  • Coordinate development and preparation of financial resources of the programme including budgeting and budget revisions, and expenditure tracking and reporting;
  • Monitor the allocation and disbursement of funds to participating partners;

Build partnerships and support in developing resource mobilization strategies under the EVAW Programme

  • Provide inputs to the development of partnerships and resource mobilization strategies;
  • Support in the design and implementation of new projects under the EVAW Programme

Advocate and facilitate knowledge building and management and communication on EVAW

  • Document the programme implementation process:
  • Contribute to the exchange of information and provide inputs to the development of knowledge products internally and externally of the programme;
  • Coordinate the organization of major advocacy campaigns, events, trainings, workshops and knowledge products

Key Performance Indicators

  • Timely and quality implementation of EVAW Programme activities against set workplans, timelines, and budgets, in line with the Strategic Note;
  • Quality and timely reporting;
  • Strong relations with partners and stakeholders;
  • Regular and timely monitoring of activities;
  • Enhanced best practices and lessons learned documented and circulated.


Core Values

Respect for Diversity;Integrity;Professionalism.

Core Competencies

Awareness and Sensitivity Regarding Gender Issues;Accountability;Creative Problem Solving;Effective Communication;Inclusive Collaboration;Stakeholder Engagement;Leading by Example.

Functional Competencies
Good programme formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation skills;Good budget and finance skills;Good knowledge of Results Based Management;Ability to gather and interpret data, reach logical conclusions and present findings and recommendations;Good analytical skills;Knowledge of UN programme management systems.Show less

  • Seniority levelAssociate
  • Employment typeFull-time
  • Job functionBusiness DevelopmentSales
  • IndustriesInformation Technology and ServicesNonprofit Organization ManagementFinancial Services


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